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Handmade Gemstone Jewelry, Designer Gemstone Jewellery, Luxury Jewelry, Unique handmade Jewellery


  Emma chapman
Emma Chapman jewels is an award winning brand which exhibits at Paris and London Fashion Week. The brand specialises in luxury handmade jewellery, which is stunning, glamorous and stylish. Emma Chapman's unique handmade jewellery, which is boho chic in style, sells at leading stores across the USA and UK, and has been featured in numerous fashion magazines, including Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. Special Collections have also been commissioned by museums and galleries such as the V@A and National Portrait Gallery. Our designer gemstone jewelry is handmade in our workshops in Nepal and India by master goldsmiths and stone cutters, as we believe in keeping ancient skills and traditions alive. Many pieces are inspired by mystical symbols and have spiritual significance. All the designer gemstone jewellery is made using hand cut gemstones and evokes the magic and mystery of the East. Wear it to feel special and gorgeous, to tap into another world - or simply as as fabulous fashion accessory.


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