Fine Jewellery

Fine Jewellery

Emma Chapman has just won the award as "Best Luxury Handmade Jewellery Designer - UK"
Lux Magazine Global Excellence Awards 2017 

We are thrilled to share our very special gold collection with you. Each piece is unique and handmade by master-goldsmiths in our workshops. We have chosen very special gemstones and diamonds for our gold jewellery and some gems get cut especially for the individual design. Our 18ct gold jewellery is handcarved and engraved and takes several days to make with much care and love.  All of the jewellery has Emma Chapman's signature ornate and delicate flower and leaf patterns on them and the gemstones we use  include, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, rubies, tanzanite, tsavorite, turquoise, tourmalines and diamonds.


We can also make BESPOKE pieces of gold jewellery for you in any design of your choice.

Emma Chapman has been featured in LOVE GOLD, the definitive guide by the world gold council for leading gold jewellery designers.

"An award-winning British jewellery designer, living between London and Jaipur, Emma creates opulent and exotic gemstone jewellery, in rich sumptuous colours. Her work has a contemporary western sensibility and yet draws upon India’s traditional fine jewellery craftsmanship mixing jaali, filigree, carving, engraving, embossing, and enamelling." Fiona Caulfield, Love Gold ( World Gold Council)