Colour is a form of energy and has been used therapeutically for thousands of years. It has long had symbolic significance. Our use of colour expresses how we feel and think, and the colours we surround ourselves with and wear, affect our mood and personality. Colour can raise spirits and self-esteem, and can help you view life more positively. Red makes us more attractive and is the colour of love and sex, black is the colour of power and authority and is very popular in fashion, purple is the colour of wealth. luxury and sophistication, white is associated with brides and innocence, blue which is a favourite colour makes us more peaceful. While once dismissed as being hippyish, the science of colour is finally being taken seriously. So choose gemstones and jewellery in colours that make sense for you.

WHITE –increases the flow of the life force. It is good for new beginnings, enthusiasm, clarity of purpose, spiritual insights or inspiration.
The colour white heals the body, mind and spirit on all levels. It effectively relieves pain, depression and inertia. White helps bone maintenance and promotes the flow of breast milk in nursing mothers.
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RED –The colour red increases power, determination, physical energy and health. It denotes courage, sexual passion and potency and positive change.
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vibrant orange increases self-esteem and confidence and strengthens a sense of identity. Orange is a pure joy bringer and promotes peace and harmony.
Orange is good for the pulse rate, and the gall bladder. It relieves bladder and kidney problems, food allergies and eating disorders. It aids rheumatism, arthritis and exhaustion.
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YELLOW –the colour yellow is associated with the mind and aids logic, memory, concentration, will-power and communication. It helps skills to do with technology. It is good for job changes and local house moves and short- term or long term time travel. Use yellow for overcoming money troubles. Yellow stimulates the nervous system, calms the digestive system, aids eczema and skin problems and increases metabolic rate.
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increases love, empathy and compassion. It is good for working with nature and the environment. It brings a gradual increase of prosperity and good fortune.
It strengthens the heart, lungs and respiratory system and helps fight infections and viruses. Green is useful  to counter panic attacks.
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BLUEThe colour of healers, blue is a natural antiseptic. It also relieves headaches and migraines, fevers, high blood pressure, eye strain, earache and sore throats.
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PURPLE –relates to the inner  self, unconscious wisdom, increasing physic powers, meaningful dreams, accurate divination, meditation, past- life work and psychic protection.
An all- healer, purple relieves allergies, asthma, sleep disorders, eye, ear, nose and skin problems and migraines. The colour purple is a natural sedative.
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PINK –Pink represents kindness, reconciliation, families, friends and children. Pink also symbolizes the development of new love and trust after a betrayal or abuse.
This gentle healer relieves ear and gland problems, headaches and psychosomatic illnesses. It is helpful for disorders relating to babies, children, adolescent girls, pregnant and menopausal women.
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BROWN –the colour brown is associated with the element of the earth and offers physical and psychic protection. It relates to the home, property matters, day-to-day finances and learning new skills, especially later in life.
Brown absorbs pain and sorrow and increases long-term stamina. It relieves disorders of the feet, legs, hands and bowels. It is useful in animal healing.
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GREY –this useful colour lowers your profile in dangerous or confrontational situations. It neutralizes negative energies or feelings, aids compromise and adaptability and helps you to keep secrets.
Grey heals the immune system, reduces stress and fear and dulls chronic pain.
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BLACK –the colour of regeneration, black represents beginnings after natural endings in life. Black banishes negativity, helps to heal old sorrows and allows you to move on from redundant or destructive relationships.
Black slows down an overactive stressed system.
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