Alamkara Rocks

Alamkara Rocks


Emma Chapman's stunning new fine jewellery collection - The Alamkara Rocks Collection, was recently shortlisted for Rock Vault at London Fashion Week. In this collection, Emma Chapman was inspired by ancient mystical and spiritual symbols, drawing on the geometric patterns and floral decorative motifs of the Moguls and Islamic art.

Using opulent gemstones, and exquisite fine craftsmanship, she has created one of a kind, dazzling high fashion statements which are individualistic, dramatic and fashion forward pieces.

Her unique and timeless jewellery is rock treasure for today, a fusion of modern and ancient couture techniques. All exquisitely hand crafted, it is intricately made, mixing 18ct gold, silver, and precious gemstones including diamonds, tsavorites, tourmalines, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, aquamarines, blue topaz and peridots...

Alamkara means adornment and In Indian mythology and culture a body devoid of adornment is considered imperfect. But once decorated with beautiful ornaments the body assumes form, becomes visible, attractive and perfect. Emma Chapman has used beautiful floral motifs, which are believed to be erotic, stimulate the senses and enhance the allure of a woman. Flowers, buds, leaves and scrolling vines are all used to create sublime beauty, alongside the pleasing symmetry of geometric patterns.

In the Alamkara Rocks Collection, Emma Chapman has created contemporary jewellery, with a rock chic edge, drawing on these eternally popular motifs and patterns. This collection is designed to make any modern woman feel and look erotic and beautiful.

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